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About me

A Microsoft MVP and co-founder of Dotnetos, with a distinguished background as a .NET Technical Lead. My tenure at reputable organizations like Sonova Group, Ryanair, Credit Suisse, and Volvo IT has honed my expertise in .NET, C#, Azure and backend development with a particular emphasis on microservices architecture, performance tuning, and optimizations.

Łukasz Pyrzyk at DotNext 2019 in Moscow

Besides my work experience, I’ve also put together some courses with Dotnetos to help others learn more about .NET. I’ve co-produced courses like:

Through these educational efforts, I hope to make learning about .NET a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved!


Looking for a reliable freelancer with diverse expertise? I offer a variety of services to meet your business needs, from .NET development to team mentoring and recruitment assistance.

  • .NET Development Services: Utilize the .NET platform to build robust and scalable applications tailored to your requirements.
  • Application Performance Optimization: Enhance your application’s speed and efficiency by identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks.
  • Project Support and Team Mentoring: Leverage my experience in project management and team mentoring to achieve your project goals and foster a collaborative work environment.
  • Recruitment Assistance: Simplify your recruitment process and find the right talent with my extensive industry knowledge and network.
  • Private Corporate Conference Appearance: Invite me to share insights on technology trends and effective team management at your corporate events.
  • Employee Training: Keep your team competitive with customized training programs on technical topics and soft skills.

I’m dedicated to delivering high-quality, personalized services that align with your business objectives. Reach out to start a conversation and explore collaboration opportunities.

Keep in touch

I invite you to reach out to me for any inquiries, collaborative opportunities, or simply to exchange ideas over a cup of coffee. I am always open to discussing new projects, exploring innovative solutions.